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"Bad Witch Energy" 7.25"x10" Hardcover Journal: Embrace Your Inner Enchantress

"Bad Witch Energy" 7.25"x10" Hardcover Journal: Embrace Your Inner Enchantress

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Hardcover Journal

Channel your inner enchantress with our captivating 7.25"x10" Hardcover Journal featuring the bewitching phrase "Bad Witch Energy." This journal is the perfect canvas for capturing your thoughts, spells, and musings while embracing your mystical side.

The words "Bad Witch Energy" adorn the cover of this hardcover journal, inviting you to infuse your writing with a dash of magical attitude. Whether you're jotting down your deepest secrets, crafting spells, or simply documenting your day, this journal is here to inspire your creative exploration.

With its generous size, the 7.25"x10" dimensions provide ample space for your words to flow freely. The hardcover ensures durability, making it a reliable companion for your writing journey. The high-quality paper pages offer a smooth surface that accommodates various writing instruments, from pens to pencils to markers.

Express yourself on every page while tapping into your inner enchantress. The "Bad Witch Energy" design adds a touch of mystery and empowerment to your journaling experience, serving as a reminder to embrace your unique magic and authenticity.

Whether you're a seasoned witch or simply fascinated by the mystical, this hardcover journal makes a delightful gift for yourself or fellow magic enthusiasts. Write, create, and manifest with the energy of the cosmos at your fingertips.

  • Available in Two Sizes: Small - 5.75”x8” & Large - 7.25”x10”
  • Sturdy/Durable Hardcover
  • Luxurious Soft-Touch Matte Laminate Finish
  • 75 Leaves of Lined Paper (150 Pages to Write On)
  • Pages Are Perforated for Easy Tear-Out
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