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Mystical Charm: Pentagram Square Sticker

Mystical Charm: Pentagram Square Sticker

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Introducing our Pentagram Square Sticker – a symbolic representation that adds a touch of mystique and meaning to your personal space. This intricately designed sticker features a clean and bold pentagram shape, perfect for those who appreciate the power of symbolism.

Crafted with care, the Pentagram Square Sticker is a versatile addition to your sticker collection. The precise cut ensures easy peeling and application, while the square shape provides a sleek and modern look when displayed on your chosen surface.

Whether you're drawn to the pentagram's historical significance, intrigued by its various interpretations, or simply love its geometric allure, this sticker allows you to make a subtle yet impactful statement. Place it on your laptop, phone case, journal, or any smooth surface to infuse your surroundings with a touch of the mystical.

.: Four sizes to choose from
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers
.: For indoor use
.: Not waterproof

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